Carbon-footprint; Doing our bit

In this day and age, we feel that it is essential that we do our bit to reduce our carbon foot-print. The floristry industry often comes under-attack for the number of air-miles that it tallies up and so at The Poundbury Florist we are doing our best to give something back by -

  • Recycling all our cardboard.
  • We shed the petals of un-sold roses and dry them to produce natural wedding confetti!
  • Wrapping (according to customers taste) loose flower purchases in recycled brown paper.
  • Sourcing, where possible, flowers from within the UK, such as Iris and Daffodils, as well as beautiful scented Narcissi from the Isles of Scilly.
  • During busier periods such as Mother's Day and Valentine's, we buy our foliage from organic suppliers in Cornwall, where we also source our Christmas Mistletoe.
  • Our traditional Christmas Wreaths are all grown and made for us locally.
  • Much of our wedding foliage is grown for us locally in Bridport, as well as spring flowers such as Daffodils and Leucojum.
  • Many of our plants are UK-grown.
  • We now stock around 75% of our roses direct from Columbia. This may sound bad for the environment but it is a definite improvement as previously, our roses would have either been flown first from Columbia to Holland to be auctioned and packed, and then driven to the UK, or grown in the Dutch hot-houses which produces a bad carbon foot-print. Sourcing our blooms directly from Columbia/Ecuador cuts out a huge number of air/freight miles.

We hope that our customers will appreciate the steps we are taken to do our bit to reduce global pollution.... We feel good about it so at least you can feel good about it too now, when you buy our flowers!